Saturday, 9 February 2013

Transition pondering

Velcro trainers or no Velcro trainers. Now there's a dilemma I didn't think I would have past the age of six. But I have been weighing up the benefits of the former for The Day, as Triathlon day has now become known. Apparently there have been many books written on the transition from one discipline to the next, and although I have never seen let alone read such a volume, I figure that Velcro will knock off a few vital minutes of tying shoelaces, surely. Do they even make adult trainers with Velcro? No idea.

What I also have no idea about is whether it is acceptable to swim breast stroke in the swim stage. After another swim today where we managed almost one kilometre (one kilometre!) in the pool, I found it a lot easier than front crawl and a lot more relaxing.
Front crawl often resulted in being a lot more worn out after a length, as well as getting the odd mouthful of water along the way. Others in the ‘medium lane’ managed it a lot more gracefully than we did – arms dipping smoothly into the water and the fish-like flicks of their legs hardly rippling the surface.

On the run front, a bad cough is preventing me from going out, but James has been a few times.

A quick thank you to the events team at Leonard Cheshire Disability who have been promoting this blog on their Facebook and twitter pages.

As a reminder, here's what we're doing:
TriTogether. The triathlon is in aid of Leonard Cheshire Disability. It is on Sunday 1st September 2013 at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in south London.

Swim: 400m
Bike: 15km
Run: 5km

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  1. Hi Becky

    Not sure if this is of any interest to you -
    I would love to have gone to the Bristol based event but am on holiday. Looks so good though.